Firebird - a small beginner's guide on what it's all about

What is Firebird ? back to top Firebird is an Open Source SQL RDBMS, based on the source code released by Borland in August 2000 under the IPL (InterBase (TM) Public License)
Where to get it ? back to top is the “home” of Firebird development. Here you can get the source code and binaries and lots more. This is the place where the actual development happens.
What to do with it ? back to top use it as an easily maintainable, light-weight but high-performance,  multi-platform SQL Database Server without any license fees. Firebird is true open source and free for everyone.
How to use it ? back to top Firebird is pure SQL. It is based on the SQL-92 standard, so if you’re familiar with SQL, you’re all ready to go. It has a powerful Stored Procedure and Trigger language, too.
How to access it ? back to top You can access Firebird through “native” component collections (IBO, IBX, FIB) or via ODBC, BDE, or Java clients - the server can be on a Linux, Win32, Darwin, HP-UX, MacOS (+ more)... machine.
What do you need ? back to top The Firebird SQL Server, of course, which you can get here. And a programming language like Delphi/Kylix, C, C++/C# or Java for your application. That’s basically it.
How to get started ? back to top Simple: Download Firebird, install it, run it. Get one of the demo applications and test them. Check out the demo apps and sources. See how simple it is and make your own apps! (NOTE: the only real demo apps with sources I know of atm are the ones that come with IBObjects. If you have anything else, or any links to demo apps / demo databases, pls let me know!)
Where to get docs ? back to top Lots of online resources are available, with tech infos, how-tos, faq’s etc. The main Documentation Index is here. The Newsgroup archives are always a good place to start.
Where to get answers ? back to top

There are several web sites and newsgroups related to Firebird and/or InterBase. Check out the Community page for an overview. (and check out - they have answers. ;-)

What on earth is
fingerbirdy ???
back to top fingerbirdy is just this site, created by fingerman (that’s me) as a links & jump center to all Firebird releated stuff on the web. I just wanted a page where I can find everything I often need in one place...