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ShowUsers - a tool to monitor connected users


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Guido Klapperich kindly provides this free Win32 tool which will show a list of all users currently connected to a FB/IB database. It has a timer built in which will refresh the list every <n> seconds, so you can monitor the connections "close to real time". For questions on this tool, you can contact Guido here:

ShowUsers.exe is powered by IBObjects.

2002/07/03 NOTE: ShowUsers will not work correctly against a Classic Server on Un*x / Linux because of the thread architecture of Classic Server. It will work as aspected on a SuperServer, though.

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    ~ 429 kb zip file containing ShowUsers.exe (~903 kb)

screenshot back to top see below for a screenshot of ShowUsers in action:


ShowUsers screenshot

options back to top You can call ShowUsers.exe with the following command line parameters:
ShowUsers.exe <Database> <User> <Password>
for example:
ShowUsers.exe c:\mydb.gdb SYSDBA masterkey

This way you can write .bat files to skip the login dialog when ShowUsers starts.

NOTE: though this is very handy for your development machine, be aware that the .bat files must contain the (unencrypted) SYSDBA password - so take care when using this option in "real life"!