Firebird Conference 2011

The Firebird Project invites all Firebird users and developers to participate in the Firebird Conference 2011, which will take place in Luxembourg, November 25-26, 2011.

The Firebird Conference 2011 will be devoted to a variety of important topics: Firebird SQL language improvements, performance, optimization, database protection and recovery, and many others.

Click on the conference logo or take this link for more information!

The FirebirdSQL Foundation

The Firebird Foundation

Join us now and become a member of The Firebird Foundation:
Directly support Firebird development in this non-profit organization, help to improve the quality and security of Firebird! We use the money we collect to support people working on Firebird development and other important things to keep the project going. Take the above link to find out what the Foundation is all about and what we are currently doing.
The Foundation currently has more than 200 active members.




In order to keep the Firebird Project running as successful as it has been the past years, money is needed to allow the Foundation to fund developers. A main source of this money is sponsorship from companies and individuals who use Firebird. If you use Firebird and want to contribute to the project, consider becoming a sponsor, too.

Sponsorship ranges from one-time donations to several levels of continuous sponsorship - read all about it here. Curious who already is a sponsor? See here.

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What's this ? back to top A link page to the things I often need working with Firebird on Win32 with Delphi and IBObjects. This site is dedicated to the people who work hard to make Firebird live and fly. Thanks a lot for your time and efforts, boys & gals, and keep up the great work! (if you have any questions/suggestions on this site, broken links or anything else, contact me.).
Firebird home back to top
  The main gateway to everything related with the ongoing development of Firebird. Pavel Cisar manages this site where you will find everything to "roll your own" Firebird. (You'll need CVS to be able to download the sources) see here for the various Releases of Firebird . See here for more infos about supported platforms and architectures (SuperServer vs. Classic Server etc.) on sourceforge.
Logos back to top

Need "powered by" gloat logos for Firebird? Well, there is no "official" one, but you can find a collection of gloat logos that are free to use for your Firebird-powered apps here.

online ressources:

Firewhat ??? back to top firebird.htm
    My small beginner's guide on what Firebird is all about. ( for those that stumbled in here in search of a classic car by Pontiac or a HTML browser :-)
Community back to top community.htm
    A list of newsgroups in English and German about InterBase and Firebird.
IBPhoenix back to top
    IBPhoenix has loads of FAQs, tech infos, how-tos and much more about Firebird and everything around it. Good source for documentation. Here you can purchase the IBPhoenix CD with the complete sources and binaries for Firebird plus tons of other useful stuff. Apart from it's great informational value, this CD is one of the few ways to financially support the further development of Firebird - that's why I ordered a subscription, so I will get the new versions of this CD automatically whenever they are released. Worth every penny!!

The IBPhoenix website works with Netfrastructure and now has a searchable knowledge base. It holds articles from the MERS site and the archive of ib-support, the most important newsgroup about Firebird - so before you post a question in the newsgroup, look there - it's very likely it has already been answered in ib-support.

IBPhoenix also offers various packages of support for IB/FB. The main people behind IBPhoenix are Ann Harrison, Paul Reeves and Paul Beach. If you ever have a really serious problem with IB/FB and no one else can help you, ask there...

CValde back to top
    Claudio Valderrama collected very useful stuff about IB/FB on his site, including some self-written in-depth articles about e.g. the "mysterious" RDB$KEY. Very long list of tools and utilities. Claudio is reviewing the CVS commits to the Firebird sources.
Ivan Prenosil back to top
    Ivan Prenosil's InterBase Site. Good infos on Cache Settings, Security of ISC4.GDB, Useful pieces of code collection with some StoredProcs for string manipulation and Generator handling.
Firebird FAQ back to top
    "Firebird FAQ is an online repository of answers to frequently, and not so frequently asked questions about the Firebird database management system (DBMS). This Q&A collection is built by Firebird users, for Firebird users." back to top
    News site dedicated to Firebird.
Fb in Portuguese back to top


  Artur Anjos says: "We are a group of portuguese-speaking firebird users (Portugal and Brazil so far). The information is only in portuguese".
IB WebRing back to top;list
    Site list of the InterBase WebRing (owned by Claudio Valderrama).
See the bottom frame for more WebRing links.

access to Firebird:

IBObjects back to top


  Jason Wharton's IBObjects ("IBO") is the most complete set of components for Delphi / CPB to access InterBase and/or Firebird natively, without any additional access layer. It communicates directly with the SQL server through GDS32.DLL, the client API for Firebird/IB.

Jason has a very fair license model named "Trustware", which in short terms means that you can use IBO for development, but only pay for it when you start making money with it. Take a look at his site, if you're interested you can ask Jason directly for a Trustware license.

- A little personal comment here: the first time you install IBO, you'll be very "impressed" (to say the least :-) about the shear amount of components you'll get. IBO is complex. But that's why it's so powerful! So if you don't fear a learning curve that is a bit steeper than with BDE components, you'll get the full power to do the really "magic" things with IB/FB. And once you're used to it, you will probably find it easier to use than BDE because IBO does lots of standard tasks "automagically" for you in the background, still leaving you in full control.

 Unfortunately, IBO is a bit behind on the support of current Firebird versions 2.1 and 2.5 - it works with those Fb versions, but the new features are not supported.

others back to top
    Just for completeness: Though there are alternatives, IBO is my preferred Component suite - so on this site, and in my components, only IBO is supported - it's the only one I use and can say something about. Please take the link above for a list of other component packs.

Other ways of accessing Firebird include BDE (new FB features not supported), ODBC drivers, Java (InterClient), IBX (InterBase Express, future FB support questionable), and FIB. IBX is included with Delphi, FIB (FIBPlus) is hosted at

admin tools:



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free, Open Source,

Windows and Linux versions


FlameRobin features a multi-platform GUI to develop and administer Firebird databases.

Database Workbench

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supports many SQL RDBMSs


Database Workbench by Martijn Tonies is a powerful GUI to administer, create and edit databases on Firebird servers. With a consistent layout, all editors work alike and fast. They help you with your task so that no faulty DDL is send to the server. You can generate real-life test-data that comes from a large data repository, transfer data to and from ODBC, ADO and Firebird datasources and/or export data to several file formats. Database Workbench works especially well on low-bandwidth (remote) servers (it is made with IBObjects ;-).

It also comes with lots of nice tricks, shortcuts and context menus. More tools like a GUI Grant Manager tool, SQL/Code snippet catalogs, Dependency Browsing, Metadata Search, auto-inc triggers and much more are available.

IBExpert back to top

per machine license,

free personal edition
also available

  One of the best commercial administration/development tool for Firebird/IB. Powerful GUI, handy tools like StoredProc debugger, automatic StoredProc source generators, nice export functions (Excel/XML/CSV etc. from any Select) and very active in development. The new version also has CASE functionality built-in (graphical ER designer). Holger Klemt, our "german IB guru", and Alexander Khvastunov are the brains behind IBExpert.

There is also a free "Personal Edition" of IBExpert, which you can download get here.. This is limited to some degree, but offers all functionality usually needed for service/maintenance at a customer's site.
IB_SQL back to top

free tool

  This one is made with IBObjects. It has quite a different GUI and may not be just as powerful as the "big ones" above, but has all the basic functions for maintaining a Firebird (and/or IB) database, plus it's small and free.


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  There is a number of other admin tools available for Firebird, some free, some commercial. However, since I only use the ones above, I could only give a list of links to those others - but that would be re-inventing the wheel... please look on Claudio Valderrama's site under tools and utilities. This is the most complete list of stuff around and about IB/FB that I know of...

other tools & usefuls:

IBSurgeon back to top


  A set of tools for Firebird developers and administrators to monitor Firebird servers and analyze and repair corrupted databases.
FreeUDFLib back to top

free with sources

  Download of the Free UDF library by Greg Deatz, fixed by Claudio Valderrama for Firebird / IB6. Included in the Firebird 1.0 distribution are IB_UDF.dll an?uFBUDF.dll with more useful functions.
IBLogManager back to top
commercial   Thomas Steinmaurer's InterBase / Firebird logging tool, powered by IBObjects.
ShowUsers back to top
free   Guido Klapperich's tool to monitor the list of users currently connected to a FB/IB database.